Monday, November 24, 2008


It's been two weeks and the buzz continues.

In conversation with event extraordinaire, Angela Colicheski, she gave me an update on what's been going on at ZED451 in Mizner Park. She is getting calls for private events and people are booking their holiday parties without even having seen the space. More updates are as follows:

Guests' favorite dessert: Butterscotch Pudding
What they're saying: Guests love the concept as there is no place in Boca where you have the attention of a table side chef. "You get so much food and it's such a great value," says many return guests.
Bar scene: people are coming out of the wood works. Younger people are congregating in the bar as they didn't have a cool, hip place to go before. ZED451 is attracting a younger, hip crowd.
Decor: Everyday there is something new; the outdoor patio is donned with Persian rugs, lanterns, Asian benches and tufted cushion-side tables. There are colorful pillows and tables out front made of recycled tires. The decor is reason enough to come and hang out here!
Who's coming by: Apparently Tony Bova of Bova, Mario's and Bova Prime has dined at ZED451 3 times in almost one week. Guess that speaks volumes, or is good word of mouth?

Join us this week for Thanksgiving. If not Thursday, we'll see you over the weekend for your favorite cocktail.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"The Scoop" by Rebecca Coleman

SouthFlorida November 10, 2008

The latest addition to Boca Raton's restaurant scene took over the town this week! A series of grand opening celebrations at ZED451 in Mizner Park, benefited several local charities including the Boca Raton Museum Art, Tri County Humane Society and the Junior League of Boca Raton. Wednesday was press preview day and Bryan Lockwood, president of Tavistock Restaurants, took Cary and I on a personal tour. The Boca ZED451 is the first one to open outside of Chicago. Orlando is next. Tavistock owns luxury golf course communities in the Orlando area and Tiger Woods is a resident!

The cuisine at ZED451 is described as "modern upscale grilling." Fire grilled steaks, ribs, fish, poultry and game are served tableside by the chefs who created them! The restaurant has its own vocabulary too. Try "Harvest Table" as far from the usual salad bar as you can imagine! The design of the restaurant pleases the eye too-- contemporary uses of traditional woods and clever lighting with a secret-which I won't divulge-see if you guess! Don't forget to check out the romantic tout-door patio and the heavenly cocktails. Blueberry/thyme martinis and blackberry mojitos were my favorites--perfect Florida concoctions! And finally, a wine room with a fireplace is the perfect venue for corporate meetings--yes imagine that--a meeting room with windows! ZED451, located in the former Cartoon Museum building at the south end of Mizner Park opens Monday, November 10th. Call 561-393-3451 for reservations.

Sun Sentinel: Try everything in one evening at ZED451

Forum Publishing Group/Dave DiPino November 12, 2008

At ZED451, a restaurant with revolutionary ideas taking root in Boca Raton's Mizner Park, don't expect the ordinary.

ZED451 has no menus.

What they do have is perhaps the best display of ambience — the chandelier over the center round bar cost $33,000 — and some of the most unique cuisine creations from harvest tables, chef selections, market-side dishes and drink creations, combining the popular South Florida juicing craze with finest spirits.

Starting with the menu, a prix-fixe dinner is $55 and includes unlimited offerings from the Harvest Tables stocked with premium Italian meats and French cheeses. A nightly special list of chef's selections ranges from Tandori chicken to roasted lamb, or features seafood selections such as Scallop Ceviche, Kona (Hawaiian fish) Ceviche, lobster, crab, and really whatever the chef has whipped together that day with the best organic and high-quality ingredients the world has to offer.

Restaurant patrons who choose the prix-fixe dinner can also enjoy Market Side Dishes, such as soups: lobster bisque, mussels with white wine and garlic, Braised Short Rib Sliders with fried onion straws, and a wide variety of meats, vegetable creations and salads. "The beauty of our menu is that there is no risk," said Steve Byrne, director of culinary operations. "You can try something new like antelope or wild boar sausage and if you like it, have more. If not, move on."

To dine solely from the Harvest Table it's $33, and dinner for children 6 to 10 years old is $27.50; under 5 years old is complimentary.

For drinks, try a trip to the wine cellar located in the central interior of ZED451. More than 100 wines and champagnes are available. A trip to the bar is also well worth it. The bar has all the spirits but doesn't display them flamboyantly like "common themes" at other area bars. Instead it's a juice bar, where the bartenders juice your drink creations to order. Try a Pineapple Martini or Blackberry Mojito. Trust me on this one, you won't be disappointed. Each dish and drink at ZED451 is hand-crafted to perfection by trained culinary and beverage staff.

I feel like for $55, I got to try everything. The Braised Short Rib sliders were tender and cooked to perfection, the lobster bisque was different because instead of loading the bisque with sherry cooking wine they introduced fine brandy liquor giving the bisque a more distinct taste that woke up taste buds that may have become a bit board with local cuisine. Dishes such as Scallop Ceviche, shrimp creations featuring rock shrimp, tiger shrimp, seafood doused in fine ingredients and tasty five-star cuisine sauces tickle the taste buds. For desserts, Dirty Banana Sundae, Key lime pie, Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Cream or Chocolate Tartlets with Cabernet Caramel are available for $10.

A brunch from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Sundays is $33 per adult or $22 for children 6 to 10 years old. ZED451 originated in Chicago. Today, they've expanded to Boca Raton with future sites in Orlando and Boston. This is dining where you pick the price, take control and eat what you want.

Now, go and spoil your taste buds!

Prix-fixe menu: *****
Wine and spirits: ****
Desserts: ***

Monday, November 10, 2008



The day has arrived and today is the GRAND OPENING of ZED451 Boca Raton.

The days leading up to today have been a whirlwind of planning, organizing and making sure everything is in place. People from all over the country flew in to experience what is about to "hit" Mizner Park. The space is chic, the people are young and hip and the food is flowing. The energy is high and everyone we spoke to while in Boca seemed eager for the opening and to have a new place to hang out. Whether it be for cocktails, a light bite or the full dining experience, ZED451 is sure to be the place where Floridians will congregate on those warm Florida evenings.

A preliminary review from Chowhound
ZED451, Boca Raton Mizner Park, November 2008
...headed out on a cool florida evening to explore the newest addition to mizner park . . . zed is extremely well appointed, reminiscent of a resort with great attention to detail throughout. fine woods, polished concrete, stainless steel, rock salt candles, unique ambient lighting, fountains, and flowing water surround you while a very audible eclectic mix of music fills the space. drinks at the lovely outdoor bar first, bourbon ginger lemonade and a blackberry mojito, fresh and light with all juices freshly squeezed. a very friendly service staff aside from some of the numerous hostesses who were a bit flustered at times. a good selection of food is available at the bar. i saw the impressive seafood sampler presented at the bar; crab claws, oysters, mussels etc. . . more than enough for two . . . perfect to start the evening with a glass of champagne! it's new so they were not offering everything on the menu yet but they will offer flights of wine along with their extensive wine list. a beautiful glass wine room is visible from the indoor bar area, perfect for intimate tastings. as we sat we were directed to the 'harvest tables' which are filled with fresh breads, charcuterie, an assortment of cheese, grilled vegetables, and a number of beautifully presented sides. i sampled the grilled mushrooms, asparagus, squash, tomato and mozzarella, focaccia, roasted beets, tomatillos and perhaps a few others i can't recall. everything was perfectly fresh and well seasoned. upon returning to the table our 'sides' were presented; a moist and flavorful corn bread, tender sauteed spaghetti squash and rich goat cheese scalloped potatoes. now the real food begins to arrive, delivered by 'chefs' . . . top sirloin, moroccan chicken, mahi mahi, seared tuna, grilled wahoo and salmon along with various other items. everything was perfectly cooked and simply seasoned. prices will be about $55 for the full experience plus drinks and dessert, around $35 for the 'harvest tables' only plus drinks etc. more than enough food for anyone as you may return to the harvest tables as often as you wish and enjoy as much of the freshly prepared items brought to your table as you like. it's a beautiful space with excellent food although I will need to become accustomed to retrieving my own food at the harvest tables.

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