Tuesday, June 30, 2009


This week, we would like to feature one of our most loyal regulars, Deb Brubaker. Deb is an Account Executive and owns a local wine bar. She has 3 great dogs and loves to spend time with her friends at the patio bar at ZED451 and have them over for Sunday-Funday parties around her pool.

In our interview, this is what she had to say about ZED451:

-Why did you start coming to ZED451? “I was friends with Tim when he was the GM at another local restaurant; when we found out he was coming back to Boca, we were excited to see him.”

-What keeps you coming? “While it is good to see Tim, the staff and the atmosphere is what really keeps us coming! OUR bartender Chris is great… he always makes sure the olives are freshly stuffed with blue cheese! The outside bar is just fantastic… other than my back yard, there is just nothing else like it in South Florida.”

-What’s your favorite dish? “ Absolutely the Fondue on the Cravings Menu…Brunch is a very close second!”

-Who is your favorite server and why? “Chris is a great bartender…he actually calls to find out if we are coming and how many are coming to make sure he stuffs enough blue cheese olives! He is very attentive and friendly without being intrusive.”

ZED451, Boca Raton

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Zed451 was voted the "Best New Glam Restaurant" of 2009 by the editors of Boca Magazine for its "drop-dead gorgeous contemporary space"!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


BEST RESTAURANT DECOR from New Time/Broward Palm Beach

Maybe you have a weakness for guitar players. Or gangsters. Or celebrity chefs. But contemplating architect Chris Smith's design for Zed451 might just get you hooked on dudes who do singular things with vaulted ceilings, glass panels, and reflecting pools — for here is a space so full of magic and mystery that it's calculated to make any girl go "oooooh." The d├ęcor of this Boca outpost of Zed's Chicago-based chain — where one fixed price buys you a steady stream of meats, fish, and multiple trips to a central "harvest table" — is varied enough to yield multiple surprises. The rectangular central bar is neither indoors nor out but set in a nebulous limbo, so patrons sipping martinis on either side can contemplate how the other half plays. Opt for en plein air and you'll find yourself on a patio where a continuous, raised waterway recedes in the distance, banquettes snuggled alongside. Inside, every table occupies a corner of intimacy and repose with 360-degree views — warm colors, soft pillows, and cunningly arranged screens. A transparent wine room provides the illusion of a wall without the solidity. It's as if the designers have grasped exactly what makes us tick. As much as we might cherish our privacy or want to burrow away like a clutch of hamsters, we human beings are nosy, curious beasts, voyeurs with a hungry eye. Once we tear ourselves away from the salad bar, we can't stand to miss a trick.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


As we mentioned in our last post, we have an awesome ZED Unplugged program going on nightly. Stop by to hear these musicians rockin' out from 6-9pm!!

Monday and Tuesday-Adam Fine, acoustic guitar and vocals

Wednesday - Angelo Caruso, keyboard and vocal

Thursday - Alex Romano and Jerry Leeman, acoustic guitar and vocals

Friday - Carl Scmid and Jerry Leeman, acoustic guitar, violin/fiddle, vocals

Saturday- Jerry Leeman, acoustic guitar and vocals

Sunday - Macarldie Nibbs, steel drums

Unplugged food... unplugged drinks... unplugged music...

See it for yourself on our patio everynight of the week!
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