Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love & Chocolate

V a l e n t i n e ’ s D a y

By Jan Norris

Who knows when chocolate began to be associated with Saint Valentine’s Day? The history of that marriage is vague. Suffice it to say that today it’s the chocolatiers’ biggest day of the year, and heart-shaped boxes and fancy red-beribboned packages of the dark sweet stuff will fly off the shelves.
Chefs and others are getting creative with chocolate for Feb. 14 — it’s not just the candy makers. Check out these ideas for chocolate treats.

The bartenders at Zed451 in Boca Raton will be pouring the Chocolate Kiss — a drink worthy of any chocoholic. A mix of Godiva Chocolate vodka, Godiva Chocolate liqueur, Bailey’s Irish Cream and a scoop of Chocolate Guinness Ice Cream, this is the ultimate fix for a chocolate craving in liquid form.

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